Create Eye catching Portfolio Website Layout Scroll Effects in Elementor  Elementor Page Builder


In the world of web design and content creation, making a lasting impression is crucial. Whether you’re a photographer, designer, or any creative professional, showcasing your work effectively on your website can be a game-changer. WordPress, with its powerful page builder plugin Elementor Pro, offers a fantastic solution to create stunning portfolios. In this tutorial, we’ll explore how to create a long portfolio image scrolling section using Elementor Pro.

Hiding Overflow CSS

					/*Image Overflow Hidden*/
    height: 400px;
    overflow-y: scroll !important;
    overflow-x: hidden !important;

ScrollBar Color CSS

					/*ScrollBar Design*/
    width: 4px;
    background: #ECECEC;
    background: #70DA45;
Troubleshooting WordPress Email Issues and Fixing Them with SMTP Mail

Troubleshooting WordPress Email Issues and Fixing Them with SMTP Mail

WordPress has revolutionized the way we create websites and manage online content. One of its standout features is the ability to easily create contact forms, allowing visitors to reach out to you directly. However, there are times when WordPress fails to send emails from these contact forms, leaving both site owners and visitors frustrated. Luckily, there’s a reliable solution – using SMTP mail. In this blog post, we’ll explore the common causes behind WordPress email issues and guide you through the process of fixing them using SMTP mail.

Common Causes of WordPress Email Issues

Before we delve into the solution, let’s understand why WordPress might struggle with sending emails through its default setup:

  • Server Configuration: Many hosting providers restrict or disable PHP mail functions to prevent spam. This can hinder WordPress from sending emails.
  • Email Deliverability: Email providers have become stringent in combating spam. If your server’s IP address has a poor reputation or lacks proper DNS records, emails from your WordPress site might end up in spam folders or not be delivered at all.
  • Missing Configuration: Sometimes, users forget to configure the email settings in WordPress properly. This includes specifying the ‘From’ email address and the SMTP server.
  • Unreliable Hosting: Low-quality hosting services may have limited email sending capabilities, leading to inconsistent email delivery.
Introducing SMTP Mail

SMTP, or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is the industry standard for sending emails. It provides a more secure and reliable method for delivering emails compared to the default PHP mail function used by WordPress. By configuring your WordPress site to send emails via SMTP, you can overcome the aforementioned issues and ensure your emails reach the recipients’ inboxes.

Setting Up SMTP Mail in WordPress

Follow these steps to set up SMTP mail in your WordPress site:

  1. Install a Plugin: Start by installing and activating an SMTP plugin. Two popular options are WP Mail SMTP and Easy WP SMTP.
  2. Configure Plugin Settings: After activation, navigate to the plugin settings. You’ll need to provide the SMTP server details, including the server address, port, and encryption method (usually SSL or TLS).
  3. Authentication: Most SMTP servers require authentication. Enter your email address and password associated with the email account you’re using for sending WordPress emails.
  4. Testing and Debugging: These plugins often come with testing features that allow you to send a test email to ensure everything is working as expected. This is a crucial step to troubleshoot any potential issues.
  5. Advanced Settings: Depending on the plugin, you might have options to set the ‘From’ name and email, as well as choose between using the site’s server email or a dedicated email account for sending WordPress emails.

Benefits of Using SMTP Mail

Making the switch to SMTP mail for your WordPress site offers several advantages:

  1. Reliability: SMTP mail provides a more reliable email delivery system, increasing the chances of your emails reaching the intended recipients.
  2. Improved Deliverability: By adhering to industry standards and authenticating your emails, SMTP can enhance your email deliverability rates.
  3. Reduced Spam: SMTP’s secure authentication reduces the likelihood of your emails being flagged as spam.
  4. Better Tracking: SMTP plugins often offer tracking and logging features, allowing you to monitor the status of sent emails.
Troubleshooting WordPress email issues, such as contact forms not sending emails, can be frustrating. However, by embracing SMTP mail, you can overcome these challenges and ensure that your important messages reach their destination reliably and securely. With the simple setup of an SMTP plugin, you can enhance your email deliverability, track sent emails, and provide a more seamless communication experience for both you and your website visitors.
Migrate Wordpress Website

Streamline Your WordPress Website Migration

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, businesses and individuals often find themselves needing to migrate their websites from one server to another. Whether it’s for upgrading to a better hosting provider, improving site performance, or expanding your online presence, website migration is a common necessity. However, the process can be daunting, involving the transfer of files, databases, and configurations. This is where the All-in-One WP Migration plugin comes to the rescue. In this post, we’ll explore the importance of website migration and how you can seamlessly achieve it using the All-in-One WP Migration plugin.

The Importance of Website Migration

  1. Website migration involves transferring your website’s files, databases, and configurations from one server to another. Here are some reasons why migrating your website is important:
  2. Improved Performance: Switching to a better hosting provider can significantly enhance your website’s speed and overall performance. A faster website leads to better user experience and improved search engine rankings.
  3. Scalability: As your website grows, you might outgrow the resources offered by your current hosting provider. Migrating to a more powerful server allows your website to accommodate increased traffic and resource demands.
  4. Enhanced Security: Newer servers often come with improved security features, reducing vulnerabilities and the risk of data breaches. Migrating to a more secure environment safeguards your website and user data.
  5. Upgrading Technology: Server technology evolves rapidly. Migrating your website provides an opportunity to upgrade to the latest software and technologies, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.
  6. Geographical Considerations: If your target audience is located in a different region, migrating to a server closer to them can reduce latency and improve load times.
  7. Redesign and Rebranding: If you’re giving your website a fresh look or rebranding, migrating to a new server can provide a clean slate for your updated design and content.

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All-in-One WP Migration Plugin: Your Migration Solution

Migrating a website may sound complicated, but with the All-in-One WP Migration plugin, the process becomes remarkably simple. Here’s how to use the plugin for a hassle-free migration:

  1. Install and Activate: Search for the “All-in-One WP Migration” plugin in your WordPress dashboard, install it, and activate it.
  2. Export Your Site: Navigate to the plugin’s Export option. Click on “Export To” and select the file type you prefer (e.g., File, FTP, Dropbox). The plugin will bundle your website’s files, database, plugins, themes, and settings into a single package.
  3. Import to New Server: Install a fresh WordPress instance on your new server and install the All-in-One WP Migration plugin there as well. Go to the Import option and choose the previously exported file. The plugin will automatically handle the migration process.
  4. Update Permalinks and URLs: After the migration, update any hardcoded URLs and permalinks to match the new server’s domain.
  5. Test Thoroughly: Ensure all pages, functionalities, and plugins are working correctly on the new server. Test forms, links, and any interactive elements.
  6. DNS Update: Update your DNS settings to point to the new server. This step may take some time to propagate across the internet.
  7. Final Checks: Double-check your website on the new server and fix any issues that might have arisen during the migration.


Website migration is a crucial step for businesses and individuals seeking to optimize their online presence. The All-in-One WP Migration plugin simplifies the process by handling all the technical intricacies, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your website’s content and functionality. Whether you’re upgrading your hosting, improving performance, or redesigning your site, the plugin’s user-friendly interface and automation make it an indispensable tool for a seamless migration experience. Don’t let the fear of migration hold you back; embrace the possibilities of a better online future for your website.

Exploring the Power of Elementor and Elementor Pro Plugin for WordPress

Exploring the Power of Elementor and Elementor Pro Plugin for WordPress


In the ever-evolving landscape of website design and development, WordPress has remained a steadfast and popular choice for both beginners and seasoned professionals. One of the key reasons behind its success is the availability of powerful plugins that extend its functionality. Among these, Elementor and its premium counterpart, Elementor Pro, stand out as versatile tools that empower users to create stunning websites without the need for coding expertise. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the world of Elementor and Elementor Pro, exploring their features, benefits, and how they revolutionize the way we design and build WordPress websites.

Understanding Elementor:

Elementor is a popular visual page builder plugin for WordPress that allows users to create visually appealing and highly functional websites through a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface. With Elementor, you can design and customize every aspect of your website, from headers and footers to content blocks and widgets, all in real-time. This intuitive approach to website design eliminates the need for complex coding and empowers users of all skill levels to craft professional-looking websites.

Key Features of Elementor:

  1. Drag-and-Drop Interface: Elementor’s intuitive interface enables users to simply drag and drop elements onto the canvas, making it easy to create and arrange pages without any coding knowledge.
  2. Pre-designed Templates: Elementor offers a wide range of pre-designed templates for various website elements, helping users kickstart their design process and save time.
  3. Widgets and Elements: The plugin comes with an extensive library of widgets and elements, such as text blocks, images, videos, buttons, forms, and more, which can be customized to suit your design vision.
  4. Responsive Design: Elementor ensures that your designs look great on all devices by allowing you to preview and adjust the appearance for different screen sizes.
  5. Theme Builder: Create custom headers, footers, single post templates, and archive pages using Elementor’s Theme Builder feature, giving you complete control over your site’s layout and design.

Introducing Elementor Pro: 

While Elementor provides a solid foundation for website design, Elementor Pro takes the experience to a whole new level with a suite of advanced features and tools. By upgrading to Elementor Pro, users unlock even more possibilities for creativity and customization.

Key Features of Elementor Pro:

  1. Theme Builder Pro: With Elementor Pro, you gain access to a wider range of theme builder options, enabling you to create and apply dynamic templates to different parts of your site, including custom post types and WooCommerce products.
  2. Advanced Widgets: Elementor Pro introduces a variety of advanced widgets like forms, posts, slides, pricing tables, and more, enhancing the functionality and interactivity of your website.
  3. Popup Builder: Craft eye-catching popups and modals to capture user attention, promote special offers, or gather important information.
  4. Dynamic Content: This powerful feature allows you to personalize your site’s content based on user attributes, such as location, user role, or custom fields.
  5. WooCommerce Integration: If you’re running an online store, Elementor Pro seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, enabling you to design and customize product pages and online shopping experiences.



Elementor and Elementor Pro have undoubtedly revolutionized the way we approach website design on the WordPress platform. Whether you’re a blogger, business owner, or developer, these tools empower you to create stunning, functional, and responsive websites without the need for extensive coding knowledge. Elementor’s user-friendly interface and extensive library of widgets make it a great choice for beginners, while Elementor Pro’s advanced features cater to the needs of professionals seeking more customization and control. Whichever version you choose, Elementor is undeniably a game-changer in the world of WordPress design, enabling users to bring their creative visions to life with ease.

Install WordPress on Pantheon for FREE Global Access

Install WordPress on Pantheon for FREE Global Access!


In the ever-evolving landscape of web hosting and content management, emerges as a game-changer, revolutionizing the way we deploy and manage WordPress websites. Imagine a world where you can effortlessly set up a WordPress CMS, enjoy seamless performance, and access your website from anywhere across the globe, without the hassles of traditional hosting and domain setups. In this blog post, we dive deep into the transformative capabilities of, exploring how it empowers you to harness the true potential of your website.

Why Stands Out is a cutting-edge platform that offers a unique approach to web hosting and content management, making it an attractive choice for beginners and seasoned website owners alike. Here’s why it stands out:

  1. Effortless WordPress Deployment: simplifies the process of deploying a WordPress content management system. With its intuitive interface and user-friendly features, you can have your website up and running in a matter of minutes.
  2. Global Accessibility: One of the most striking features of is its ability to provide live access to your WordPress website from anywhere in the world. Say goodbye to geographical constraints and connect with your audience from any place, at any time.
  3. No Domain or Hosting Worries: eliminates the need for separate domain and hosting arrangements. Your website is hosted securely on the Pantheon platform, saving you the time and effort typically spent on managing hosting services and domain settings.
  4. Performance and Scalability: Experience blazing-fast website performance and scalability with’s optimized infrastructure. Your website will handle traffic spikes and user interactions with ease, ensuring a seamless experience for your visitors.

Getting Started with and WordPress

Setting up your WordPress website on is a breeze. Follow these steps to embark on your digital journey:

Sign Up: Create an account on and log in to your dashboard.

  1. Create a New Site: Navigate to the dashboard and select “Create New Site.” Choose WordPress as your CMS and proceed.
  2. Website Configuration: Customize your website’s name, development environment, and other settings. provides a sandbox environment for testing and development, ensuring that your live site remains unaffected.
  3. Deploy Your Site: Once configured, deploy your WordPress site to the Pantheon platform. The platform handles the technical aspects, ensuring a smooth deployment process.
  4. Access Anywhere: With your site deployed, you can now access it from any location across the globe. Share your website’s link, and anyone can view your content with ease.

Unlocking the Potential empowers you to take your website to new heights:
  1. Global Exposure: Reach a worldwide audience and engage with users from different corners of the globe.
  2. Budget-Friendly Solution: Save on domain and hosting expenses without compromising on performance and accessibility.
  3. Uncompromised Performance: Enjoy lightning-fast website speed and performance, enhancing user satisfaction and search engine rankings.
  4. Streamlined Management: Focus on your content and website strategy, as handles the technical complexities of hosting and maintenance.


In a digital age where accessibility and performance are paramount, shines as a beacon of innovation. By seamlessly integrating WordPress deployment and global access, it empowers website owners to showcase their content, products, and ideas to a vast and diverse audience. With, the world truly becomes your stage, and your website becomes a masterpiece accessible from anywhere, anytime. Embrace the future of web hosting and content management – embrace

Simplify Your WordPress Journey with Bitnami WordPress Stack

Simplify Your WordPress Journey with Bitnami WordPress Stack


Launching a website or blog on WordPress is an exciting endeavor, but the technical complexities of server setup and software installation can be overwhelming, especially for newcomers. Thankfully, Bitnami WordPress Stack comes to the rescue, offering a seamless and user-friendly solution to simplify your WordPress journey. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits and features of Bitnami WordPress Stack, and how it can save you time, effort, and frustration.

What is Bitnami WordPress Stack?

Bitnami WordPress Stack is a bundled software package that includes everything you need to run WordPress on your computer or server. Bitnami, a renowned name in the software industry, excels in creating pre-configured application stacks, and their WordPress Stack is no exception. The stack combines all the essential components required for a WordPress installation, eliminating the need for manual configuration and reducing the chances of compatibility issues.

Easy Installation and Setup

One of the standout features of Bitnami WordPress Stack is its effortless installation process. With just a few clicks, you can have a fully functional WordPress environment up and running on your local machine or server. Bitnami handles the installation of Apache or Nginx as the web server, MySQL or MariaDB as the database, and PHP for server-side scripting. This means you don’t have to worry about separately installing and configuring these components, saving you valuable time and effort.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Whether you’re using Windows, macOS, or Linux, Bitnami WordPress Stack caters to all major operating systems. This cross-platform compatibility allows developers to work on different environments without any compatibility hiccups. You can easily set up a local development environment on your computer for testing and debugging purposes and then seamlessly deploy your website on a live server when you’re ready to go live.

Regular Updates and Security

Bitnami takes security seriously and actively maintains and updates its WordPress Stack to ensure that all components are up-to-date and secure. Regular updates are crucial to patch vulnerabilities and protect your website from potential threats. With Bitnami WordPress Stack, you can rest assured that you are running a stable and secure WordPress installation.

Optimized Performance

Performance is a critical factor in providing an excellent user experience. Bitnami WordPress Stack is optimized for speed and efficiency, ensuring that your website loads quickly and performs well, even during high traffic periods. The stack’s multi-tier architecture, separating the application, database, and web server layers, enhances performance and scalability, allowing your website to grow effortlessly.

Bitnami Cloud Hosting

Bitnami offers the convenience of cloud hosting for your WordPress website. With Bitnami Cloud Hosting, you can easily deploy your website on cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and others. This option eliminates the need for manual server setup and streamlines the process of launching your WordPress site on the cloud.

Download Bitnami Stack 5.3.2 - WordPress

It’s essential to note that while Bitnami WordPress Stack offers many advantages, users should still follow best practices in website development and security. Regularly updating WordPress themes, plugins, and the stack itself is crucial to safeguard your site from potential security risks.

Overall, Bitnami WordPress Stack is an excellent option for anyone looking to quickly set up a WordPress site without the hassle of manual installation and configuration. It’s a powerful tool that can save time and effort, allowing users to focus on creating and managing content rather than managing server infrastructure.

Bitnami WordPress Stack is a game-changer for anyone looking to simplify their WordPress journey. With easy installation, cross-platform support, regular updates, optimized performance, and cloud hosting options, Bitnami has taken the complexity out of setting up and managing a WordPress website. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a beginner, Bitnami WordPress Stack empowers you to focus on what truly matters: creating compelling content and engaging with your audience. So, dive into the world of Bitnami WordPress Stack and let your WordPress journey begin with ease and confidence!Bitnami WordPress Stack is a game-changer for anyone looking to simplify their WordPress journey. With easy installation, cross-platform support, regular updates, optimized performance, and cloud hosting options, Bitnami has taken the complexity out of setting up and managing a WordPress website. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a beginner, Bitnami WordPress Stack empowers you to focus on what truly matters: creating compelling content and engaging with your audience. So, dive into the world of Bitnami WordPress Stack and let your WordPress journey begin with ease and confidence!